About Us

There is nothing flashy about our company as we try to be as hard-working as we can be. Monster Cleaning Hackney is an experienced organisation with a lot of knowledge when it comes to domestic and office cleaning. Our clients look to get us even for emergency sanitation procedures as we provide them with much needed convenience. We have always had flexible hours so that people could plan their day or weekend accordingly. If you ask our managers they will tell you that versatile hours make a cleaning company successful.

However, we also know that overpaying for cleaning services is simply pointless. This is why a good part of our philosophy revolves around affordability. We like to keep our prices on the low end but still provide elite cleaning assistance. This way we are able to help more people and stay relevant in the business. We accompany our cheap rates for sanitation with nice deals, discounts and package offers. This way our clients can get exactly what they need at a price which suits them perfectly.

Our experts also realise that every job has its specifications and this is why we tailor our cleaning services to the needs of the clients. We will customise your job in order to speed up the sanitation process and to allow you to get back to your normal daily routines. Even the toughest commercial cleaning jobs when planned properly are significantly easier. We believe in the rational approach to any cleaning project and so far it has yielded great results for us.

The supplies which we utilise during our professional cleaning projects are top class. We never apply toxic solutions and our detergents are nature friendly. We are not in the business of damaging surfaces and polluting properties. We will leave behind sparkling clean rooms with no bad smell and no danger to the inhabitants. Our investments in equipment and detergents have really paid off thus far.